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Indigenous Hawaiians demand their country back

Oct 26, 2015
Lanny Sinkin, Ali'i Mana'o Nui (Chief Advocate)

Queen Lili 'uokalani, last sovereign of Hawaii


The Kingdom of Hawai’i was an independent nation until 1893. The Kingdom had diplomatic relations, treaties, conventions, and other international agreements with numerous countries throughout the world, including the United States.

In 1893, a small group, primarily foreigners, seized the Queen. Their purpose was to abolish the Kingdom and annex Hawai’i to the United States. The United States Minister to Hawai’i landed Marines and cannon to back up the treason.

In order to avoid bloodshed, Queen Liliu’okalani stepped aside temporarily, trusting that the United States Government would restore her to her throne. More than 120 years later, the Hawaiians are still waiting for that restoration.

During that period of time, a process took place that can best be described as attempted genocide.

The missionaries converted the Hawaiian political leadership to Christianity and encouraged them to suppress the traditional faith of the Hawaiian people. The conflict led to a battle in which thousands of people died. The traditionalists lost and went underground.

The missionary influence led to laws that made traditional practices illegal. The hula was banned. Ancestor worship was banned. The Hawaiian language was forbidden in schools. For an oral culture that passed the wisdom of elders to the next generation through chants and songs, the ban on learning the Hawaiian language amounted to cutting off the past from the future.

The introduction of private property destroyed the Hawaiian economic system based on unity between the community and the land.

The diseases introduced by the foreigners, combined with the suppression of the Hawaiian civilization, drove the Hawaiians to near extinction.

In 1993, the United States Congress passed and President Clinton signed a resolution apologizing to the Hawaiian people for the illegal overthrow of their government. The Apology Resolution acknowledged that the Hawaiian people never gave up their sovereignty or their claims to their national lands.

King Silva is actively pursuing the restoration of the nation to its full independent status within the community of nations.

He issued a Vision and Plan for the restored nation. Copies of that document are available on the Kingdom website at

The King believes that there are two issues that contain all the other issues.

The first is Peace and Reconciliation within the Human Family. The King will establish a Peace Center in Hawai’i. That Center will offer the services of the Hawaiian people to any other members of the Human Family facing actual or potential conflict.

The second is Peace and Reconciliation between the Human Family and the rest of the Natural World. The King has laid out a blue print for a sustainable civilization that is self reliant, resilient, and sharing. See the Aloha ‘Aina Narrative on the website.

The Kingdom has a right to be restored to its proper place in the community of nations. That restoration will then free the Kingdom to make its own unique contribution to that community and to the planet.


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