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African People's Socialist Party National Central Committee Resolution: Recognition of Service rendered by Omowale Kefing to The African Revolution and the African People's Socialist Party

Sep 11, 2013

The National Central Committee (NCC) resolves that Omowale Kefing has dedicated himself to the cause of African Liberation, and the total unification of Africa through his relentless struggle for the publication and sale of the Burning Spear Newspaper and the overall operation of the Agitation and Propaganda Department.
The APSP recognizes the selfless contributions made by comrade Omowale Kefing in his role as Director of the Agitation and Propaganda Department. Even in the face of his declining health he has held steadfast, inspiring other members and setting an example of what dedication and loyalty to the Party means.
The NCC of the African People’s Socialist Party further resolves that all Party members and the African Liberation movement recognize and hold high the tireless example of African Internationalist theory and work represented by comrade Omowale Kefing.
Resolved and Adopted: Saturday, August 10, 2013
National Central Committee Meeting St. Petersburg, Florida


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