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African youth in Nigeria seize control of an oil facility

Nov 1, 2006



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On October 26 and 28, African youths in Nigeria seized control of a Shell/Chevron/Texaco flow station and an Agip Nigeria Limited facility in the Rivers State area.

The youths occupying the Agip facility said that Agip had disregarded an Environmental Impact Assessment of its site and that adverse effects on the environment were already arising. They seized the facility in an attempt to protect African people in the area from these effects.

A recent study by representatives of World Wildlife Foundation (WW) UK, the World Conservation Union and representatives from the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja and the Nigeria Conservation Foundation concluded that the Niger Delta is among the five most polluted spots on the face of the earth with dire consequences for the health of inhabitants of the area.

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Imperialist oil corporations operate in the area stealing the oil wealth of Africa with no regard to their practices that leave crude leaks that destroy the health of the Africans who are being robbed of their own land’s wealth.

Shell is one of the biggest thieves in the region. Last year the company, which boasted profits of $22.94 billion, extracted 900,000 barrels of crude oil a day from its activities in the Niger Delta. On top of that, it steals this oil using old pipes and swamp flowlines that are steadily leaking oil into the once pristine waters of the delta. The cost of the leaking crude is estimated to be costing Nigeria $10 million a day.

Assaults on the exploitative oil facilities and personnel by African people in the area have risen in the region over the years, cutting oil exports by one quarter from Nigeria which is the world's sixth largest oil exporter.

The general demand from the African communities in the Niger Delta has been for control over their own oil resources.


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